Book Banter: The Pharos Gate

pharos gateTitle: The Pharos Gate

Author: Nick Bantock

Length: 60 pages

Genre: literary art book

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Art-crossed lovers Griffin and Sabine’s missing correspondence explains how they finally come together.

Banter Points: I discovered the Griffin and Sabine trilogies somewhere around 2001 or 2002. I was tinkering around with collage art in those days and loved writing letters. Griffin and Sabine was fuel for those fires. For the next few years, I read and reread the books over and over again. I understood them, Griffin, especially and their search for meaning in art and in relationship.

The books are so good because you get to read their correspondence. Ever since I read “Dear Mr. Henshaw” in third grade I’ve loved epistolary fiction. This takes the literary cake for what this type of fiction can be.

Reading Pharos Gate brought back happy memories and that’s a good enough to love it. It still has a great story too and great art.

Bummer Points: We know what happens now and there’s no more.

Word Nerd Recommendation: I wouldn’t suggest trying to dive in with this new one. Read the old books a couple times over and then get to the Pharos Gate. It won’t disappoint.

Chronicle Books put out this amazing infographic about the books.



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