Rescue Attempt


This is pretty much an impossible let question to answer.

I want to say Firefly but something always goes wrong with the rescue.

Dr. Who would be awesome. It would just be adventures and wild happenings. The chances of getting shot or have some other calamity happening are just as good.

Maybe Breaking Bad. However, I haven’t seen all of those and I am not sure how it ends. I’d like to know before I make a decision. Actually, I’m done with Season 1. They aren’t very good criminals. Nevermind.

Not any cast from a reality TV show.

Wait. I’ve got it. House or Sherlock. Yes. Loads of sarcastic wit that will leave me crying or unleash my INTJ wit that these two indulge in.

Yes. Either of those please.

Who are you picking?


3 thoughts on “Rescue Attempt

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    So for sheer practicality, I want to pick “24” because Jack Bauer will get the job done. For fun value, I’d much rather pick “Life” so that my rescue could be all Zen. Ditto on Dr. Who or Firefly… those would involve running and things not going smooth though.

  2. Matt says:

    It has to be Burn Notice. They rescue people, blow things up, and look good doing it!

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