April 2016 Reading Challenge Report Card

The challenge for April was to re-read a book you’d been meaning to for a while and just hadn’t gotten to yet. (That’s a poor sentence. Whatever.)

Here’s how we did.

gentlemenBethany: Gentleman and Players, Joanne Harris. I read this one a decade ago before Word Nerds had started, so I’ve never blogged about it. I suspect in another 10 years, I’ll reread it again. It’s just that good. Also, I may have goofed up the August challenge (read a book set in a school) with picking this in April for my re-read. The bottom line is its a great story about revenge set at all-boys school in England. Rife with chess motifs, it’s also a story about perspective. Harris switches seemlessly between two first person narrators, old Latin teacher Roy Straitley and the Revenger. (Yes, I know that’s not a word.) I can’t say who that is without giving away the book’s twist, which, after 10 years, I only half-remembered. If you need a book for the August challenge, take this recommendation with my two-thumbs way up.


Stacie: image

I read Eragon by Christopher Paloni which had been on my re-read list since the fourth and final book in the series came out back in 2011. At the time, life was full of little kids, my own school program and re-read the first three books of the trilogy in order to read the final book just never happened.

Life is still full but the kids are older and I’m not in school any more. Eragon was as good to re-read as I remember it the first go round but there was stuff I didn’t remember, like the death of a pivotal character and the secret of another one. I’m pretty excited to see where book two is going to take me. After I finish the May reading challenge book. More on that tomorrow.


One thought on “April 2016 Reading Challenge Report Card

  1. […] Points: When I learned that Joanne Harris’ new book was a sequel (sort of) to “Gentlemen & Players,” I was thrilled. I love that book and the twisted mystery tied up in it. Straitley is so […]

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