2016 Q1 Reading Stats

The Nerds are both data geeks, which is why we continue to post our reading stats, even though we’re not sure anyone cares but us.

My start to 2016 is pretty solid for this year, especially as I’m trying to figure out how reading fits into married life. (Thank goodness for video games, so we can both spend time doing our things.)

Q1 2016: 
19 books
5210 pages
24.75 hours of audio book

Since I’ve been keeping quarterly stats, my best Q1 was two years ago with 29 total books. Just to put that in perspective, that number involves five or six graphic novels, all three Divergent books (which I read in about one day each) and a couple cheesy, early Nora Roberts romances that also read very fast.

According to Goodreads, I’m one book behind schedule for being on track to hit 80 books for the year. There are a couple places I expect I’ll make one up through the year, so I’m hoping I can still beat that number overall.


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