Reading Stats: Q1

I feel like I’ve hardly been reading this quarter, but the stats prove otherwise:a

  • Books:  22
  • Pages:  7,767
  • Audio logged:  84 hours, 6 minutes
  • Average pages per book:  353 pages

Some would say that I’m double-dipping on the audio logged metric since I’m including those books in the pages count, but I say that they are two different metric (pay attention, Bethany).  Audio logged gives me a good feeling for hour many hours I’ve spent listening to books while doing double duty like coloring, cleaning, exercising, etc.  Page count allows me to calculate pages per book, which indicates how many short or long books I’m reading.  Trust me on this one.  Types of books fall into specific lengths and this helps me determine if my number of books is artificially inflated because I read lots of cozies versus thrillers versus fat books.

I also started tracking format this year.  I’ve been curious about this one for a while:

  • Paper:  5
  • eBook:  8
  • Audio:  11

Those stats are probably the best indicator of why I felt like I didn’t read much – most of it was audio which was combined with other activities.  Did I mention that I like to color?


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