April’s Reading Challenge

April’s Challenge is a book you’ve always meant to re-read and haven’t yet. TheFB_IMG_1459477525724re’s so many great books out there that re-read is somewhat of a controversy. I’ve heard readers say that they never re-read, why bother. Others only re-read via audio. And then there’s the pool of people that have favorites that are read annually.

The Word Nerds decided to plunge into this challenge by pulling out a title that has always bugged us to be re-read, but never has made it to the list, for whatever reason.

Personally, I have favorites that I re-read. I also re-read before a next-in-a-series happens, but only on specific series where story lines wind through multiple titles.


One thought on “April’s Reading Challenge

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    I’ve got two or three I’m trying to decide among for this challenge. It’s SO HARD!

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