March Reading Challenge Report Card

Our March reading challenge was to read a book set in Ireland or by an Irish author. Here’s how we did.

In-The-WoodsBethany: I picked the first of Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad books, In the Woods. As best I can tell, this one actually fits both criteria as the book is set in Ireland and I think French is Irish (or at least she’s lived there for the better part of two decades). I loved loved loved this book.

Not only does this book have a great mystery driving its plot forward, the voice of the narrator is compelling and thorough. Being able to put together both plot and voice is no mean feat and French does so with panache. I cannot wait to read more in this series. This book also has a high likelihood of making it into this year’s Word Nerds award season.


Stacie’s Pick:  My pick was Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier. The book was a slow start for me. It’s way different than what I have been reading (action packed thrillers) and focuses instead on character, world, and story development. My interested peaked about half way to two-thirds of the book. Before that, it was a pleasant story that was likely building a foundation for what was to come. The author came through and I enjoyed the rest of the book.

It did make me wonder, however, what would have happened if the author had shortened some of the building. Could tension and action have been increased? I’m not sure that I would have stuck with the book, had it not been a Reading Challenge book.


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