Coloring Updates


Lately, I’ve been doing a bit of coloring and have decided that I need to understand color better. The desire for this stems from a large set of pencils that were part of my Christmas loot this year. The set is 6 times larger than my first set of pencils, and I confess, more than a little overwhelming to use. Which means I haven’t used them. Which is a tragedy because they are awesome pencils.

I made a palette for the set and gained an appreciation for the shading I’ll be able to do. Now, I’m jumping with with a picture, and am limiting myself to one 1/6 of the colors for the picture, starting with the very lights creams and yellows before sliding into the oranges and reds.

I’m really excited about how this whole thing is going to turn out. The fore ground in the picture is a nice single pencil blending that highlights the spectrum of color that I can get with that one pencil. Now to decide if I should pair it or not, with a lighter color.

Coloring is a great stress relief for me and one that I’ve added to my self-care practices. Like writing and reading, this is my idea of fun.


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