Book Banter: The Brilliance Trilogy

brilliance trilogy

Titles: Brilliance, A Better World, Written in Fire

Author: Marcus Sakey

Length: ~400 pages, each

Genre: Sci-fi/Thriller

Where Bethany’s copies came from: IndyPL, ARC of Written in Fire via the author to Stacie to a plan to leave it on the wedding gift table which was forgotten so it was left in the mailbox instead

Plot Basics: Since the early 1980s, the Brilliants have emerged — people with extraordinary gifts pushing human evolution ahead. But the non-Brilliants are worried and as tensions grow between the two groups, the country could be torn apart. Brilliant Nick Cooper could either save everyone or contributed to their destruction.

Banter Points: I read “Brilliance” when it first came out and then decided to stop reading until the whole series was out and read mostly straight through. It was a great choice.

Sakey does a great job of raising the stakes and continually shifting the reader’s perception of what’s going on in this series. It’s also interesting to see him shift as a writer from his brand of thrillers (regular people thrown into crazy circumstances) to this sci-fi style.

He makes some interesting observations too about the world without coming across as a preacher author.

Bummer Points: To me, the books are a little head-hoppy. Sakey’s got huge amount of plot to get through and I’m not sure how he would have done it without head-hopping . Just not my favorite.

Word Nerd Recommendation: I’ve been trying to push these books on some folks who like mysteries but not be sci-fi fans. They look askance when I mention it’s a sci-fi thriller, but this isn’t space opera sci-fi. It’s near future sci-fi and action-packed enough that readers can get sucked in.

If you want another take, here’s what Stacie said about the series.


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