Favorite Story


My favorite stories growing up had fairy godmothers in them, both the good ones and the bad ones. I always really enjoyed the idea of a female who could pop in and out of my life to give advice and guidance during times of struggle.

I also always liked time travel stories. Going forwards or backwards in time appealed to me.

However, my favorite adult fantasy is going back in time and giving advice to a younger version of myself. Or going back in time and being that younger version, only with current-day knowledge.  I don’t really want to relive high school or (gasp!) middle school again. But I’d really love to reconnect with that girl who was going to change the world in her early twenties. I’d love to sit and listen to her thoughts and ideas. I wonder what the current-day me would find? What would be said in return?

I’m not positive which Facebook group I found the picture in, but I’m grateful for it. I love the look on the woman’s face. You know she is out there in the world, living life according to the rules she has defined for herself.

The picture puts into words the life I want to live. As a Word Nerd, I need time to explore the various nerdy interests I have AND embrace them. To be weirdly myself, enjoying life according to the rules I want.  But the idea of a fairy godmother that’s a real, future version of myself? That sounds like a great writing prompt to hang on to and explore exactly what advice I’d give to myself.


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