boschThe hubby and I finished watching Bosch Season 1 on Sunday night and I’m trying to figure out if we have enough time on our Prime trial to squeeze in Season 2.

I’ve read all the Bosch books to-date. As he’s gotten into audiobooks, I’ve been pushing the Bosch books his way, so he’s at least halfway through the whole backlist.

We liked it and compared to a lot of the cop shows on TV, I think it’s miles ahead. The plot focused on two cases, instead the murder of the week and doesn’t suffer from the unbelievable tech of all the CSIs and the like.

The weird part is how the show pushed everything to current time. The show is pulling from a couple Bosch books, but back from the 90s. It’s too bad they didn’t make it a period cop drama, to me. I would have like to see Bosch still wrestle with typewriters, instead of smart phones. The BBC and PBS have proved that period cop shows work (Life on Mars, Ripper Street, Endeavour,) but I can see why the young Amazon Studios would choose NOT to do that.

On the other hand, they got LA spot on. I have only been there a few years ago on a work trip and we drove out of it (in traffic) on our honeymoon, but I recognize the downtown scenes. LA looks like what I think LA is like.

And then, let’s talk about the cast.

Titus Welliver nails Bosch. While Bosch’s credo of “everybody matters or nobody matters” hasn’t surfaced yet, it is embedded in Welliver’s Bosch. He is gritty and determined and completely watchable.

Jamie Hector has made me like Det. Jerry Edgar. In the books, I never really dug Jerry and have liked some of Bosch’s later partners better. That said, Hector is slick and has made me really like Edgar and how the two work together.

Lance Reddick’s sauve Deputy Chief Irvin Irving brings all the political backdroup into the show in his voice alone. He doesn’t say anything he doesn’t mean.

And who remembers Jason Geddrick from Boomtown? Anyone? What a surprising way for him to show up in this show.

I feel bad, that I don’t remember Billets much from the early novels, but I really like her in the show and I’m glad that they kept her as Harry’s LT and didn’t replace that with a male character.

We’ve got a busy few days and a rapidly approaching end to our Prime Trial, but if we can sneak in Season 2, we will.


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