Getting back into the habit of writing is not like riding a bicycle. That’s a terrible analogy.

BagpipesUnicycleIt’s more trying to be a one-man band act when you’ve gone tone deaf and can’t find your trombone, have only one cymbal and still need to pedal your unicycle.

For those of you following along at home, last April I got engaged and feel headlong into wedding planning. Wedding planning takes up a ton of time and the time I had I was my morning writing time. Suddenly, my novel got back-burned for all the googling about florists and cakes and invitations.

In December, we had the big day! Then, there were thank you notes to write and all the wedding planning paraphrenalia to sort, toss, file and otherwise move off the desk.

Come late January, I finally decided I was ready to write again! I’ll do a short story, I said! That’ll be easy, I said!


I spent several thousand words with nothing happening and stilted dialogue. But the time I finally remembered things about plot, I gave up on that story. Fixing the pile of words wasn’t worth the time.

Stacie and I spent time brainstorming another idea and I’ve turned my attention to the next short story. I’m not sure this one will be totally finished, but I do feel like I’m pedaling more steadily on my writing unicycle now.

No matter the completeness of this one, I’ll be closer to being back to having two cymbals and then WATCH OUT WORLD.




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