Book Banter: Parting Gifts

PARTING-GIFTSselect1Title: Parting Gifts

Author: Katrina Anne Willis

Genre: fiction

Length: 256 pages

Where Bethany’s copy came from: ARC from Katrina

Plot Basics: Sisters Catherine, Anne and Jessica are struggling through their lives — still each reeling from their loveless childhoods — and navigating the pitfalls of adult life. They are caring for their elderly mother with Alzheimer’s and trying to understand each others’ life choices.

Banter Points: I was lucky enough to be a Midwest Writers Workshop Fellow in 2011 with Katrina, and I am beyond thrilled for her that her book has come to be!

One of the things I love in this book is how she moves through time without the stilted explanations of people leaving or traveling or whatnot. Scenes open and suddenly it’s clear time has passed and people are in different locations.

Katrina’s skill as a blogger shines through the book in her characters’ reflective chapters.The different characters have opportunity to reflect on life, love and family in some of the strongest sections of the book.

Bummer Points: Personally, women’s fiction like this is just not my cup of tea. Katrina wrote a beautiful book, but this Word Nerd is not her target audience at all.

Word Nerd Recommendation: If you are a fan of women’s fiction or stories about family dynamics, this is a great pick.


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