To Do List


One of my birthday gifts last week was a notebook. It’s a nice size, about 6×8 inches, 80 or so pages, in shades of blues and greens. It’s the perfect size to capture my to do list.

I’ve been struggling with keeping all of my “need to get done” items, well, remembered so that they can get done.  And then there is the “want to do” and the “really nice to do” items that randomly pop up. (Maybe that birthday was more taxing to my memory than I thought…)

I’ve always been a fan of to do lists, switching between paper and electronic for various reasons and at various times. The gift of a notebook, something small but meaningful, seemed to time well and suggest that perhaps paper is the best way to track my to do list.

And yes, I’m writing things down as I complete them. If I had thought of them earlier, they would be on the list. Plus, seeing a record of all the things I accomplished helps me realize just how much I’m getting done.

It’s my age, after all. You can’t expect me to remember everything any more. I did have a birthday last week. Did I tell you that?


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