Yoga Practice


Most of my favorite activities involving quieting my brain done so I can think on one thought rather than two or three million thoughts at a time.  Coloring, running, bicycling all produce this result.

But winter in Wisconsin isn’t very conducive to outdoor activities like running and cycling. Coloring is great but I need to move around some. Enter yoga.

I found a class I like very much and have been attending weekly since last October or September. It’s a medium to advanced class and I really enjoy the deep stretches I can get into, and the improvement of my down dog. But every so often, the Worrier Pose plagues me and I have to remind myself to go back to my breathing, to let the focus be on myself and what my body is doing and not the millions of questions that tumble through my head.

January and February have been hard months for this. There’s something about this long stretch of winter with its slightly longer daylight hours and piercing cold that make it harder to turn off the internal fretting. It’s like having a scratchy tag on a shirt that you can’t remove – it’s always there, and sometimes it’s worse than others.

Thankfully, February is half over and there are some awesome things coming up that make the month excellent. March is right around the corner and spring is coming soon.

Until then, I’ll work on the Worrier Pose and keep telling my brain to find the quiet during yoga.


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