The Game

Although I’m really not a sports fan, I did attend a Super Bowl game pimagearty on Sunday. I like the conversations people have while cheering on sports teams, and the ceremony that goes into what is basically grown men playing a game (and getting paid huge fees for doing so. That’s a different conversation.)

It was fun to watch commercials. I loved the various Jeep commercials, especially the one with the black and white photos. The Budweiser “Drink Responsibily” commercial was pretty sassy, which I found fun. I did not understand the football family and the 9 months later, or rather why the final commercial had everyone laughing so hard. I’m positive I missed part of it.

Mainly, the Super Bowl marks the changeover to Spring sports and the weather warming up soon. It means that we are through January and into February, which is a grand month in which to have a birthday. It means that hopefuls can return to their hopeful state and start planning how next year is going to be their year.

And, I can pick a random team to cheer on, based on whatever factor seems important.



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