Book Banter: Kiss of Death

kiss of deathTitle: Kiss of Death (Morganville Vampires #8)

Author: Rachel Caine

Length: ~250 pages

Genre: YA

Plot Basics: Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael get special permission to leave Morganville so that Michael can record a music demo in Dallas. But, the quartet has to travel with vampire, Oliver, as their chaperone. As the four discover, if they thought staying alive in Morganville was hard, staying alive outside Morganville might just be impossible.

Banter Points: I love the Morganville series. At least first six. There are 15 of them, and I’d gotten stalled out 7. I’m determined for 2016 that I’m finishing this series. One a month, I hope. (Correction, there might b 16. I think she’s self-pubbing a new book.)

As a would-be writer, this book was interesting to me. I suspect (though I don’t know/remember) that Rachel Caine was originally in a six book series and then it did really well and suddenly, she’s got MORE plots to come up with. She wrapped up a big plot in book 6, and now it seems like books 7 and 8 are helping to set up the next big arc. (At least, I sure hope that’s what’s happening!)

The book drew on some of what had happened in other books, but I suspect it could have been a good entry point for a new reader.

Bummer Points: No Amelie. Very little Myrnin. Not much in the overarching storyline.

Also, there is a pretty big difference in 26 year-old Bethany (when book 1 was published) and current day Bethany. Twenty-six was still closer in age to the college aged characters in the books. Now, I  look at college kids and think, they are SO YOUNG. I found the quartet (except Michael, maybe) a little stereotypical and annoying in this one.

Word Nerd Recommendation: I’m still going to finish out the series, mostly to see what Caine does with it.


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