Reading Stats: 2015


Reading in 2015 was an interesting experience for sure. I branched into some books that I hadn’t expected, and actually stopped reading several books (none of those are part of this list. This Nerd only counts completely read books, not abandoned books. Nor does this Nerd mean to imply that the other Nerd does said things. Although, she doesn’t count pages for audio book which is quite odd. Who knows what other sorts of shenanigans happen on that reading list.)

2015 reading concluded with the following stats:

  • 79 titles, of which 7 were non-fiction and 15 were re-reads
  • 57 books were found within a series, 22 were considered stand alone
  • The shortest book was 83 pages and the longest was 994, with the average length being 372
  • Most months saw five or more titles completed, while two had 10.

In all, it was another excellent reading year.

This year, the goal is the same as the last, to only read 52 books, which then begs the question, if I read more than 52 books, did I fail or succeed?


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