2015 Best Discovered Author

It’s the annual Word Nerd Awards!  Today we are revealing Best Discovered Author.  Remember, the only rule is that it be an author discovered in 2015, not necessarily a first time published author.

Stacie:  My vote for Best Discovered Author is Patrick Rothfuss.  A coworker suggested the trilogy after a wild discussion of reading habit.  We discovered that while we had similar interests, neither had read each other’s favorite series (mine being Dresden files, his being Patrick’s.)  We rectified that by exchanging books over the summer.  Now, I’m anxiously awaiting the final installment in The Kingkiller Chronicle.

The story telling for this trilogy is what pulled me in.  The characters are good, but the spinning of the tale is what makes the series great.

Bethany: I really struggled with this category this year, not having delved into a new series that I devoured. I guess my reading in 2015 was a lot of safe choices. That said, I will vote for Adrian Matejka for this year’s Best Discovered Author. I would not have discovered him without the Indiana Authors Award. I would have never suspect I would fly through a book of poetry about a boxer, but he completely pulled me in. I do want to challenge myself to read more of his work.


One thought on “2015 Best Discovered Author

  1. […] Art Forger, B.A. Shapiro (a great blend of literary mystery) 6. The Big Smoke, Adrian Matejka (see this post for understanding why) 5. The Devil’s Game, Sean Chercover (international thriller […]

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