Christmas means so much more

Part of the reason I am so Grinch-y Ike during the holiday season is that too much of it is focused on how busy we are.  Truly, it’s a cultural pandemic. Even when my plans for the night are to change into my pj’s the moment I walk through my living room door and color, I feel compelled to say to those that inquire, Yes, very busy. And you?

Typically, they proceed to launch into a list of commitments that is longer than any I’ve undertaken in a single year, let alone a single month.  (I quickly peg them in the extrovert quadrant too.)

Today begins the last weekend before Christmas. Presents are wrapped. Menu planning for The Day will begin this weekend. My 15yo is having a sleepover. And I am as ready for all of it as I’m going to get.

The list explains the sleepover.



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