Book Banter: Blessed Are Those that Mourn by Kristi Belcamino

Title:  Blessed Are Those that Mourny450-293
Author:  Kristi Belcamino
Genre:  Thriller
Length:  304 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Personal Collection

Plot Basics:  Gabriella Giovanni is making life work.  A job she loves combined with a large extended family plus her own immediate family with her daughter and partner — Detective Sean Donovan, means she is balancing the horrific nightmare that stole her childhood and her father.  But that past won’t stay in the past and Gabriella’s paranoia rears.  A new string of murders includes the same bible verses from her sister’s suspected killer, and Gabriella is on full alert.

Banter Points:  Belcamino raises the stakes in ways that had my heart clenching. I was slightly terrified to read the final pages of the book because I thought Belcamino was going to have her character do SOMETHING that while totally fitting with book, the scene, the plot, I would have been horrified to read it.

And that, my friends, is why I’m in love with this series, and these books. Belcamino takes a wonderful character who is someone that I would honestly love to have an a friend, and puts in her in a spot so terrifying, that I can’t help but have chills and wonder what I would do if Gabriella was my friend or if I was in that situation.

Bummer Points:  I really want to discuss the above plot point, only my favorite person with whom to analyze said plot twist hasn’t yet read the books…ehem, Bethany, that wedding you have tomorrow?  Yeah, we need to talk (kidding!  Thrilled you are making this step in your life!)

Stacie’s Recommendation: Obviously, you need to be reading this series.  This is book four, people.  It isn’t often I tell you what to do, but you must in this case.

Bonus Material:  Kristi is an awesome author and willing to answer questions sent at the last minute for reviews, like this one

WN: Must ask. Did you consider alternative endings for the book? I am confessing to the world that I thought you were going to go a different route.

KB:  No, not at all.

After a bit of discussion, I understand why Belcamino went the route she did and found out a fun future book fact!  Thanks, Kristi!


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