Book Banter: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Title:  Night Circusdownload
Author:  Erin Morgenstern
Genre:  Fantasy
Length:  387
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Oshkosh Public Library
Plot Basics:  Two magicians stretch their talents through competition, pulling people, spectators and a circus into their world.

Banter Points:  At the heart of this story, it’s all about love. The magicians love their skills, their study, their competition. A pair of twins whose love for each other is beautiful to see. The fans of the Night circus who love the circus and follow it around the globe. The love of the competitors, for each other and the world that their competition takes place in. The whole story is beautifully crafted so that every aspect of love is shown, and, makes me as a reader wonder why our language only has one word for all these different types of love.

The descriptions are what pulled me into the story the most. The circus travels around the globe, via train and ocean liner, which is the most likely travel mode in this late 1880s story. As the story unfolds into the details about the people, the place matters less because their stories are relevant today.

I listened to this title, and the narrator did a lovely reading. The tone and pacing of the reading matched the story pacing, adding to my enjoyment of the book. This wasn’t the action packed, events spiraling wildly out of control, thriller that I normally read. It was a walk through a world and character study, but with a world I cared deeply about, and people that I treasured like long time friends and family.

Bummer Points:  Any bummer points I have are about me and not the book.  It was a stand-alone, and ended elegantly.  I’m confident that the world and characters live on, but there will be no more stories about them.

Stacie’s Recommendation:  Read it, if you are ready for a change in pace from your normal reading.  If this fits your normal reading, this is already on your TBR.


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