Book Banter: Career of Evil

careerTitle: Career of Evil (Cormoran Strike #3)

Author: Robert Galbraith

Length: 489 page

Genre: mystery

Where Bethany’s Copy Came from: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Robin Ellacott, Cormoran Strike’s secretary-turned-assistant, is sent a gruesome package at their office — a woman’s severed leg. Strike is sure the police are looking in the wrong place whereas he has a list of suspects he believes could be the perpetrator. Strike and Robin investigate and as the case gets more dangerous, things get more personally complicated for the two of them.

Banter Points: Galbraith — aka J.K. Rowling — is really talented. The length of the Strike books is always immense, but she never loses the reader in the case. She manages to keep you invested in both the crime, an increasingly, Strike and Robin’s personal lives and how that is helping or hindering their work.

Bummer Points: It’s going to be another year before there’s another one of these. Sigh.

Word Nerd Recommendation: If you’re a grown-up who loved Rowling’s writing in Harry Potter, you really should read the Cormoran Strike books. She brings all the great descriptions and character creation she used there to there books.


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