Christmas Card Season

The holiday season is out there, buried in Christmas lights, music and the ever present snack tray and goodies.  I (Stacie) am a self-declared Grinch about the commercialism of Christmas. This year is one of many new beginnings for me and reconnecting with ones that I dropped.

Like Christmas Cards.

I’m not entirely sure why I stopped sending Christmas cards.  I’m positive some of it was the whole concept of addressing envelopes, getting stamps, and finding time to do this. But if I’m honest, it’s the struggle if what kind of card to get.  It shouldn’t be this hard and I really shouldn’t be doing this sort of analysis on something as simple as Christmas cards, but here I am.

The holiday season holds a mix of happy and sad memories for me. The delight of Christmas day and opening gifts with my kids is a true pleasure. Knowing that loved ones are far away or completely unavailable makes it sad.  Life is complicated with split families and juggling a bunch of commitments.  In the end, I spend a ton of time trying to find a card that captures all of these sentiments, and one that might also hint at the reason for Christmas, for Christians. In the end, I can’t find a card I like and I don’t know what to say in it anyway.

This year is a fresh start for me including  bringing back holiday traditions and figuring out which should stay and which should go.  Christmas cards are a start. Along with some Christmas baking.

But the only thing in the card is a Merry Christmas and a quick signature. Maybe next year I’ll try out the Christmas letter tradtion.



One thought on “Christmas Card Season

  1. I love your simple signature in a lovely card. ❤

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