Black Friday

Neither of the Word Nerds are shoppers so we are off to our normal things today. However, I (Stacie) cannot help but peek at some of the online sales…especially when if it may involve coloring things like really good pencils (Prismacolors, Derwents, and Staedlers, oh my!)

I’ve turn the corner on this and now love pencils almost more than the markers I was drooling over a few weeks back. The difference was a few YouTube videos for the technique, confidence from a dear friend (hi, Michelle!) and practice.

Michelle convinced me that I was creative enough to get the hang of pencils and shading, while also planting the seed for watching YouTube videos. After seeing a few, I was willing to try. Since then, I’ve learned to shade with multiple layers of color and blend.

I’m still comparing myself to some of the gorgeous coloring I see populating the pages of my favorite ink evangelist, realizing that’s the goal for me. I’m having a blast experimenting with layering colorings and finding color palettes I enjoy; I may have even found a use for pink (gasp! I know! I shocked myself but it’s great for highlights.)

And since the Christmas season has officially begun, Christmas coloring is in order too:


See that red ribbon? There’s pink hidden in there. I’ll never love it, but I can understand and appreciate it’s role in the universe.

How are you spending your Black Friday?


2 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    LOVE the Christmas picture. Is that free online somewhere? (as if I have time for that…)

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