Should I make art?

In my day job, I often need to explain complicated processes to people who interact with my team, but don’t actually care about what my team does (the U.S. government, however, cares deeply.)

I love taking a really complicated process and setting up either a process flow or a PowerPoint that makes people think, “Wow, I’m really glad I understand that.” It’s something of a skill that I’ve developed over the years and one that I pride myself on.

So when I see it in action from others, I stand and clap.  This chart, my friends, is cheer worthy:


It really is that simple. Make art. Write stories. Paint pictures.

Art is an expression of self. It has little to nothing to do with skill or talent. Art is beautiful because of the person who made and the self expression that is now there on the page.

So go out there and make art this weekend.



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