Post Murder and Mayhem

The week after Murder and Mayhem is infused with bittersweetness.

The Good: image

  • The Word Nerds get to chat in person, instead of through the technology that connects us (for those that aren’t aware, we used to live in the same town, and are now separated by a several hour drive. Cheers for technology!)
  • Connecting with other writers, fans, and like-minded kindred spirits
  • Talking to a writer about their books, journey, or process
  • Hearing moderators ask questions that I wouldn’t have thought to ask and the subsequent answers
  • The accessibility of the panelists, moderators, and organizers. This conference is all about making sure that everyone gets to talk books and writing all weekend long
  • Re-energized / enthused for writing again

The Bad:

  • Going back to the real world where books are less important and filled with demands from family, co-workers, and bosses
  • Collecting more titles, books, recommendations, and new authors to read than my approximately 100 titles a year allows for

M&MM is more than a writer’s conference for the weekend. For me, it’s also a chance to be with my tribe. Only at M&MM can one talk about the brilliant turn of phrase, argue over an ARC, and decide that a murder method really isn’t very effective and did you consider another angle? It’s the combination of a writers group AND friends that I wish I had in my day-to-day life. In fact, one of the panels referenced that most writers are a lonely bunch, have various degrees of introversion, and the real world doesn’t understand why we do what we do. It’s the same for readers. Thanks to the awesome team behind M&MM, for a weekend we get to dominate the landscape and be exactly who we are without.

I cannot wait to do this again next year.



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