In Search of a Side Kick

I’m a fan of stories, specifically ones where the herione ends up rescuing herself and the prince, then makes him work for her to stick around. It’s part of what makes Harry and Karrin a perfect match in the Dresden files or Jamie and Claire in the Outlander series.

Bethany is a fabulous side kick, only when she tells the story, she’s the hero. I’m good with that since our annual adventure lends itself to quibbles over who is Batman and whether or not one of us would be sorted into Slytherin.

I’m in the middle of some big changes in my life and I know I’m out there slaying dragons and keeping the brackles from over growing my castle. For the right person though, I’m thinking a side kick will make the adventure grand. Filling that role is a situation by situation basis (or project by project, anyone out there good at gutter clean out on a two story house?)

Auditions start next week, however, this heroine is great at the solo gig. Just like Batman without Robin.



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