October Reading Challenge Report Card

The challenge for October was to read a book that was spookier than your normal fare, or if you read horror all the time, read a romance. Here’s how we did.

cannonbridgeBethany: I picked Jonathan Barnes’ Cannonbridge and it was terrific! If somebody mashed Jasper Fforde with Neil Gaiman, Cannonbridge is the likely result. Cannonbridge is like a literary X-File, something creepily wrong, but not full of blood and gore (or like the Fluke Man episode). In the story, mediocre professor Toby Judd believes that he has figured out the Matthew Cannonbridge, towering English literary genius, is a fake. Cannonbridge was everywhere — with Shelley, with Dickens, with the Brontes, and many more. Judd is determined to find the truth about the flamboyant writer which leads him in a break-neck chase across England and the English literature canon. I liked Barnes’ other works, The Somnambulist and The Domino Men, but Cannonbridge is by far his best. Thumbs way up. (oh, and somebody get Benedict Cumberbatch to play Cannonbridge in the movie version, m’kay?)

Stacie: This month was a fail for me. I am not a horror reader and I simply could not bring myself to read one. Most of my reading this month was in the audio format; once I hear something my over active brain engages and I can’t turn off the pictures. In other words, listening is more engaging for me than reading.


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