Before and After

In the day job, I manage the website for The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation. Admittedly, the moment I started the job, I was less than enthused because the site looked like this.

old site front page

That gray bar…always there. The site always looked too small. More than that, it was hard to update. Posting was a giant pain and so it sat. I focused more on social media to push content because posting anything was a giant hassle.

In summer 2014, after 18 months on the job, I’d built the traction necessary to push for a redesigned site. It took a lot of reminders every time my boss asked me to update that cover page text, I’d have to say I couldn’t (and I couldn’t… that was hard-coded into the design and a web developer I am not).

I’m proud that now looks like this:

new website

It’s mobile-responsive. The back-end functionality is so hugely improved that I actually will look forward to updating the site.

A huge thanks to our friends at Tactic Marketing for their development of the site. They definitely heard what we wanted and listened well to our feedback about earlier prototypes to get to this version.

I’m proud of what the Library Foundation does, proud to be part of this team and definitely proud to be able to tell our story better.


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