Seasonal food

Halloween is not really my holiday. My house is not the one in the neighborhood with the inflatable headless horsemen or tombstones planted in the yard.

That said, we tried to get a bit festive with a pumpkin on the front porch. I’ve lived in my house for six years, but had never bothered to put a pumpkin (or jack-o-lantern) out for the season. A few weeks back, Kroger had them on sale, and it was a nice fall day and so we came back with a nice pumpkin.

It took four days for the first bite to appear in it.

Two days later it looked like this:


The following day, I saw the culprit, sitting on the pumpkin as I drove up from work. He would bury his little tree rodent head and shoulders in the pumpkin and come out with a seed or two. He (it?) had enlarged the hole enough that it looked like a home for a woodland critter… I was fully expecting him to take up residence.

I never got a good after photo, but through the week, that hole continued to grow until nearly the entire back half of the pumpkin had been eaten. The squirrel seems a bit uh, rounder, for it. Before weekend company came, I decided that the whole thing — now also harboring ants — needed to go in the trash.

We’ll pass out candy on Saturday, but don’t expect the house to have a pumpkin.

festive squirrel


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