Over the weekend, I had the desire to color a picture for a friend. It’s the first time I’ve colored for someone other than myself, in my own book.

The picture below is courtesy of Angie Grace, who is my favorite artist. It’s available as a free download from her website.  I ventured into a completely new realm for me with this picture: shading with pencils.

I decided to go with a six color palette , four of which are represented so far. I’m pretty happy with the way the picture is turning out.


The meditative effects of coloring have become mainstream and almost everyone I know has heard of adult coloring books, or knows someone who colors.  For me, coloring helps me let go of the days stresses and focus on my breathing, the colors filling their spaces, and reconnect. It helps me just as journaling does.

This Word Nerd has been less wordy lately because of coloring.

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