Welcome back, Kermit

It’s been 17 years since the Muppets have been on primetime television and they’ve come back with a bang.

Taking The Muppets to the Office-meets-30 Rock format is a great idea. The variety show that worked in the 70s and 80s wouldn’t translate as well to modern audiences. But, the idea of the scrappy group having to pull a show together day-after-day stands the test of time.

When I heard the news (thanks, modern media for playing along with it) that Kermit and Miss Piggy had broken up, I was bummed. But, the show did that for good reason too. These aren’t quite the old Muppets. They need new challenges and new one-liners like this one:

bacon wrapped

But, the new Muppets are still, at their core, the old Muppets. It’s a rag-tag gang with a show to put on, late-night, not variety. Amidst the humor, there are still the Muppet-y lessons about how we treat people and apologizing when we hurt our friends.

To the groups protesting the show because it isn’t family-friendly, I say this. The Muppets aren’t billed a family TV show and the level of adult of humor for the Muppets isn’t anything new. Go back and watch the classic Muppets (a good example is the Rudolph Nureyev episode) and listen for all the double-entendres. If you don’t think The Muppets isn’t appropriate for family TV viewing (and I might agree with you on that), don’t let your kids watch it. When the Simpsons debuted in the 90s, my parents made it clear that they didn’t approve of that show and I wasn’t allowed to watch it. You’re the parents: set the rules in your own household.

We’ll be tuning in on Tuesday nights, for sure.

P.S. This isn’t the Word Nerds first foray with the Muppets. Check out the Unified Muppet Theory from nearly a year ago.


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