Ant Farm


At Christmas time, a coworker fulfilled a life long dream of mine and bought me an ant farm. It was glorious and honestly, one of the best Christmas gifts I ever received.

After two rounds of ants, these guys made it through the mail system and started building their systems and tunnels.

My coworkers are as fascinated by the ants as I am. There’s an informal list of questions that we are slowly answering:
What do they eat? (Nothing. That’s what the gel is for. Weird, I know )
What happens to the dead ones? (It appears that they are buried.)
Can you get fire ants instead? (Maybe. Do you want them on your desk so when they break out you can answer the question of why fire ants?)
What kind of ants are they? (Harvester ants. No, I don’t know what that means.)

Having ants has definitely fulfilled a childhood fantasy of mine. I’m thrilled that my coworker got the farm for me.

Do you have an unfulfilled childhood wish? Leave it in the comments and share!


4 thoughts on “Ant Farm

  1. Jay says:

    I’ve always wanted one of those too. Do you know here your coworker got it from?

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