Time Management

imagesTime management is a skill that I’m naturally good at (Stacie).  I’ve always followed the philosophy that if I scheduled the big things first, and work down hill from there, the little things will fit too.

Lately, however, it’s been apparent that the bucket isn’t big enough.  Between the end of the year at work with the normal change over, along with some really big things at home, I have to admit that the bucket is too full.  In fact, it is over flowing.

As I stand today, mid-September, I can see that November and December should be better.  The craziness is going to continue to the end of October for sure.  There’s another pair of things happen at the end of October, one planned and one anticipated, that are going to ripple through my life.  Both are emotional issues masquerading as logic problems.

intjThe hardest part of this is recognizing the lack of control I have right now.  INTJs view life as a chess game and often are five steps ahead of everyone else.  Usually, I’m absorbing data, information, actions, whatever I need to understand the road ahead and the playing field.  Usually, I’m right and have the ability to adjust my path to what is coming up.

I’ve hit a limit.  It’s painfully to admit that I cannot do anything to impact the outcomes of either of those events.  I have to accept that what is going to happen, will happen regardless of what I want to think, see, or do.  It also means I should shut off the processing for those future events, also something that is painful to do.  This inability to affect the future is what is making the bucket overflow.  There are things that I do have control over and I need to focus on those.  But they aren’t the big, scary things.  And it completely contradicts my nature desires.  I love this explanation of INTJs from The Venturous Life:

1) We’re smart.We are visionaries, strategic (and compulsive) planners, big-picture thinkers, complex problem solvers, adept decision makers, conceptualists, theorists, and pattern recognizers – in short, we are “masterminds” [insert evil mastermind laugh here].
2) We don’t do feelings. We use critical thinking, reason, and logic. We have a tough time with people who make decisions based on emotions, and we can often come across as blunt and cold because we ignore the feelings of others. But on the plus side, we take criticism well since we have no feelings to hurt.
3) We live inside our heads. We frequently zone out. We get lost in thought and spend much of our time inside our heads. If our immediate reality becomes boring, we will retreat into our minds, and you might have to shout our names repeatedly to get our attention so we will come out again. And no, sorry, but you can’t come into our heads with us. You wouldn’t last five minutes there. You’d be driven insane by the nonstop cacophony of overlapping voices madly free-associating from one idea to the next.
The whole article is worth while to read, especially if you need some help on the Care and Feeding aspect of your favorite INTJ.  For me, I’m going to chalk this season up to “feelings” that I don’t do well (see Point 2) and accept that logic isn’t going to help me get through those two events.  And then find someone with a strong F to deal with that side of things.

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