Classical Music Month

Someone (I don’t know who, maybe the great Maestro?) declared that September is Classical Music month.

Fittingly, on September 1, I discovered

Requiem_MozartFor any classical music fan, if you aren’t already listening here, you will thank me for this one. It’s hosted, classical music, like what you might remember from your NPR station back in the 80s or on the Sirius Radio Symphony Hall channel.

If you’ve tried classical on Pandora, this is so much better for two reasons. First, yourclassical plays music in a far bigger depth and breadth than Pandora. (Hey, not that I don’t love Rachmaninoff, I do, but my Pandora station just plays multiple versions of the same piece of music throughout the day). There are tons of composers I don’t know and this station exposes me to more of them.

Second, it’s hosted. I like my classical music with a side of context. Who wrote it, who’s conducting this arrangement, what should I listen for that sort of thing. Even now, as I am writing this post, the host was previewing the upcoming Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 by Franz Liszt and talking about how so many people know that piece because of Bugs Bunny or Tom and Jerry.

Enjoy some classical music this month. The Word Nerds will.


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