Top 10 Authors I’ve Read the Most Books By

This great topic was The Broke and the Bookish’s Top 10 Tuesday post this week and it’s a great one.

The top answer is for me is probably Ann M. Martin and the Babysitters Club from when I was a kid, but I’ve learned as an adult that those were ghost-written so maybe that doesn’t count!

I didn’t actually count these titles up, but I know these are the top, or close to it. I did my best to think of the authors where I’ve read their entire backlist or at least have gotten to most of them (and plan to read the rest.)

  1. Michael Connelly. 27 books to his name and it’ll be 28 this fall with the new one. I don’t miss a new one, whether it’s Harry Bosch or Mickey Haler.
  2. Lee Child. 19 Jack Reacher books and counting.
  3. Jim Butcher. 16 Dresden Files, two Codex Aleras and the first Cinder Spires book in the works. And I’ll keep reading.
  4. Rachel Caine. Six Weather Warden books. However many of the Morganville Vampires there are.
  5. Jasper Fforde. 7 Thursday Next books, two Nursery Crime books, Shades of Grey, and the first Dragonslayer book.
  6. Laurell K. Hamilton. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit this one given where her books went. Before the Anita Blake series became mostly erotica, I was a fan and read them all (some more than once).
  7. Rob Thurman. I own all the Cal and Niko books though I haven’t quite read them all, plus the Stefan books, plus All Seeing Eye.
  8. Jacqueline Carey. All nine Terre D’Ange books, plus the first Agents of Hel book and the two Santa Olivia books.
  9. Robin Hobb. Farseer Trilogy, Liveship Trilogy, Tawny Man trilogy, and on deck, is the new Fitz and Fool trilogy, plus a couple of the Rainwilds books.
  10. Steven Brust. 14 Vlad Taltos novels, plus his Firefly fanfic, plus the Khaaveran Romance cycle is perpetually in my TBR pile.

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