Book Banter: Run

run coverTitle: Run

Author: Andrew Grant

Genre: thriller

Length: 269 pages

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: The Indianapolis Public Library

Plot Basics: Software designer Marc Bowman shows up at his job at AmeriTel like any other morning, only to find himself getting shown into the board room and let go. The day gets worse when he fights with his wife and then when his house is robbed. But what’s taken makes Marc suspicious that his firing might not have been so business-as-usual as it seemed. Suddenly, Homeland Security, the FBI and the local police are all on his trail in a high-tech, high-speed chase.

Banter Points: I really liked Grant’s David Trevellyan novels and I liked the premise of this book. Big data to me is a compelling idea of what people can do with it and might do for it and how our online lives are hardly secure. There are some pretty good twists that I can’t say any more about for the risk of spoilers.

Bummer Points: I forget which book tipped me over the edge, but Run, unfortunately confirmed that I’m still over the plot of normal-guy-gets-caught-up-in-thriller sequence. I want my heroes to have badges and things. I guess I don’t really buy that a guy would run from law enforcement and all the things that Marc does. I figure, a guy like that, sells his fancy car and his other fancy stuff and hires a helluva lawyer to get him out of everything he’s gotten into.

Word Nerd Recommendation: It’s a solidly written novel. It was compelling in parts. I just need to stick to my determination that this subset of the thriller genre isn’t really for me.


One thought on “Book Banter: Run

  1. David says:

    Your issue resembles one that deactivates some of Hitchcock’s best pictures, notably Strangers on a Train. He doesn’t make a compelling case against, “Why doesn’t he just tell the police?” because for Hitchcock personally, no sane person would ever interact with them. It’s a blind spot of his. I’m always more able to let go of those nigglings if I’m fairly warned about them, but I know others who can only focus on them when told in advance, so I’m never sure how to help others best enjoy a flawed, but worthwhile, thing.

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