Mind libraries


Working for the Library Foundation, I’ve learned so much about how libraries curate the collection and weed books and add new and shift things around. It’s not a stagnant group of books, but one that’s constantly shifting.

As an introvert, needing alone time to curate the collection of thoughts in my mind is a great way to explain it. I need the time to take stock of what’s there, what’s circulating, what dusty ideas need brought back to the forefront maybe with some repairs or what it’s time to let go. When introverts don’t get this time, we get frazzled because we haven’t been able to organize how what’s happening fits into with what we already know. We don’t know what we think or how we feel about what we’ve done or what we’ve learned.

This is an action that has to be repeated over and over and over again. We don’t rearrange once, but daily, sometimes hourly, minute by minute even. If it feels like we change our minds, it’s because our understanding has been rearranged.

If you know an introvert, when they are asking for alone time, help them make that happen. If you see the introvert you know floundering, help out by creating that alone space for them before they crash.

We’ll love you for it.

posted by @IntrovertDear.


One thought on “Mind libraries

  1. This is a lovely way to express how the brain works.

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