The Planty Nerd

I love plants (Stacie).  I’m always looking for ways to add them to my house, in crooks and crannies where the light will catch them.  Throughout the summer I’ve added six new plants to my house.  One is thriving in the perfect cranny and has doubled in size as though he is determined to outgrow his container.  Two didn’t survive.  Two are brand new and I’m hoping for a great outcome.  One is alive, but looking a little sad since I haven’t found the right crook for him yet.  I’ve tried three different spots with various light options, but nothing is making him perk up.

wpid-20150811_062750.jpgThe down side is that I only know a handful of the names of my plants so I can’t necessarily share what they are or why it works.  But I can share this picture of a planter I assembled, along with the cranny:  the kitchen cupboard next to the kitchen sink window.  It’s a grand spot for plants as it is easy to water them.  The top two guys are medium light succulents.  The bottom guy is one that likes a lot of water (he is the one that is determined to grow out of his pot, I believe.)

I’ve been thinking about other places I can add interesting planters like this one.

Where’s your favorite place to tuck in plants?  What are you favorite plants?


2 thoughts on “The Planty Nerd

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    I have a plant in my office that LOVES it here. It has been super happy ever since I brought it in. In the last year, I managed to kill most of my house plants but a saved a bit of one have sprouted it and replanted it so we’ll see how it does.

    • I had one house plant take a tumble from its perch and land completely upside down. It was visiting the outdoors as that is part of its growth cycle, which was having a grand impact on it. However, a storm came through and flipped it upside down. Two of the woody branches broke in half. It’s a survivor though and is sprouting some new growth. I was really sad at first and am thrilled at the regeneration!

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