What happened to summer??

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the notice came from the school.  Registration is next week.  That means there is 25 days left of summer.  Who let this happen??keep-calm-only-25-days-to-goP.s.  For those who count this sort of thing, there is a Christmas count down.  I’m actually terrified of that one as it means I have to figure out what to put in my Christmas cards.  So I won’t be clicking on that link until I’m ready for my Halloween scare.


2 thoughts on “What happened to summer??

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    In Indianapolis, most schools are back in session already. Wisconsin has that weird state law that says school can’t start until after Labor Day. So, summer ends here around the end of July (never mind that the State Fair opens today…)

    • I am in favor of year around school and wish we had a more balanced schedule.

      I have to disagree about the law. We dart on 9/1 and Labor Day is 9/7 this year. Or my town is a run by a bunch of rule breakers 🙂

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