Murder Math

So, aspiring murder mystery writers, heads-up, math people have created a formula to figure out whodunit in an Agatha Christie novel.

This is solving for “x” like in high school algebra on both steroids and caffeine.


Apparently, the formula depends on whether it’s Poirot or Marple on the case and how the character (who turns out to be the killer) is discussed and a few other factors.

The Guardian has the whole explanation and a secondary formula that matters too.

I know people complain about how romance novels are “formulaic” but murder mysteries are often this way too and this sort of proves it. It’s not so much that there isn’t a formula, but the application of the ideas in the formula and the cleverness of the author.

If you need me, I’ll be doing equations to figure out whodunnit and the rest of the plot of the book.


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