The Truth about the TBR, Part 2

Just over a year ago, I took a hard look at my TBR and realized with horror that I had gone overboard on freebie books.  My Kindle held just over 175; Goodreads had between 70 and 75; the dark corners of the library are scary places where books reproduce with the speed of bunnies.

I made it a reading goal this year to work on reducing the Kindle file and get rid of the freebies and to pull books off my Goodreads list when I was looking for the next read instead of hitting up friends for a new title.  Here’s the results:


  • 2014: 176
  • 2015: 120
  • Result:  Yes!  Progress


  • 2014:  75
  • 2015:  60 (cos the 11 books in my currently reading list DON’T COUNT!)
  • Results:  Woohoo!  More progress!

Dark corners of my house:

  • 2014:  Unconquerable divide
  • 2015:  Inconceivable that you’d expect me to check
  • Results:  Two out of three isn’t bad

Fortunately, I found this handy measurement devise at Read, Breathe, Relax:  How Out of Control is your TBR?  I’m dangerously close to Critical Mass.Critical-Mass

At 200 books, I would consider evaluating your friendships because you’ve got some SERIOUS enablers in your life. Ignore all future “OMG, this sequel (<–Goodreads link) is coming out next year)!!!!!!” emails. Unfriend and unfollow this person. They are causing undue strain on your TBR. But, let’s get real. At this stage, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Wait, no, that’s not right. IT’S THOSE SEXY BOOKS THAT ARE TO BLAME. If it wasn’t for those alluring covers and enticing descriptions, we’d be fine. We’d be able to resist all temptation. Right??

I only have a couple of enablers, actually.  I do a really good job of enabling myself.  But if I can get rid of that Kindle list, (and continue to ignore the dark corners) I’m at 60 books!  That’s just over the green line and the start of the yellow.  I can totally control that!

How’s your TBR looking?


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