July Reading Challenge Report Card

The challenge for July was to read a book that was a best-seller in the year you were born.

Here’s how we did:


Sigh, I have to log a DNF for July. I picked Eric Van Lustbader’s “The Ninja.” The No 1 NYT bestseller for the week I was born was “The Bourne Identity,” which I’ve read twice. I knew Van Lustbader was carrying on the Bourne books for the Ludlum estate, so I thought, sure, why not? 60-some pages in, I clearly knew “why not.” The plot is flimsy at best at the beginning and there are graphic sex scenes that do nothing to move the plot along. I intended to pick up something else (looking strongly at PD James’ “Innocent Blood”) but the month vanished in a flurry of flooded basement clean-up and with that I lost a bunch of reading time. Onward to August!


I read an Agatha Christie book titled “Sleeping Murder” featuring Miss Marple. It’s probably the equivalent of a modern cozy, as Miss Marple shows up to solve a murder. This one involved a young couple who stumble across a murder that occurred 18 years before. Spoilers: Miss Marple helps them solve it and teaches them some valuable life lessons about deductive reasoning. In all, it was a charming read.


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