Book Banter: Sacrifice Fly by Tim O’Mara

Title: Sacrifice Fly
Author: Tim O’Mara
Genre: Detective / Mystery
Length: 320 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From: an ARC from Minotaur Books

Plot Basics: Raymond Donne (that’s “done”, not “dawn”) is a cop turned teacher. Donne is the kind of teacher that cares about the students, sticking his neck out to make sure that they have the best chance. One of his students has been missing for too many days, and Donne pulls out the detective skills he thought he left behind him. A visit to Frankie’s home leads to a dead body and a journey to find Frankie, safe.

Banter Points: The back story is handled perfectly in O’Mara’s new series. Donne has history that colors his view of the world and O’Mara hints, explains and inserts the information into the story when and where it is needed.

The story focuses on Frankie’s disappearance, and Donne’s subsequent illegal investigation. The format allows Donne to break police procedure yet gives him the right ties into the department to keep the case moving. One tie is his Uncle with the same name, an Academy instructor, deputy and and null around importantly well connected individual. Like many relationships, this one brings Donne both good and bad results throughout the story.

The story’s focus is on the case and getting Frankie home. Along the way, Donne’s relationships show potential future growth, both in friendships with Edgar (a techie, wanna be cop) and Billy (his former partner), and romantically with two very different women. The setup is nice for future books, without the cliche of a love triangle.

Bummer Points: None at this time.

Stacie’s Recommendation: I’m sticking with this series and am looking forward to reading the next two:  Crooked Numbers and Dead Red.


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