Book Banter: Personal

personalTitle: Personal

Author: Lee Child

Length: 353 pages

Genre: mystery/thriller

Where Bethany’s copy came from: The Indianapolis Public Library

Plot Basics: Reacher finds an ad in the Army newspaper summoning him back to help. A sniper he put away 15 years ago is out and seems to have taken a shot at the French president, only getting stopped by a new hi-tech bullet proof glass system. The Army wants Reacher to capture the guy again before he shoots at world leaders during an upcoming G8 summit. Reacher’s got the help of a State Department operative on Zoloft and no field experience and world powers ready to set him up if possible.

Banter Points: This plot reminds me of One Shot, in a way. If you’ve seen the movie, “Reacher,” then you’ve gotten that plot. The idea of snipers or marksmen taking shots at people from a great distance is rather spooky to me. I liked how Child tied in the G8 summit as well, as a deadline for all the action taking place.

Bummer Points: I’m really starting to struggle with the Reacher books and how Reacher isn’t aging. Child has stories going back in time, but Reacher is more or less stagnant. BUT, even this story is built on events from 15 years previous. Child has updated technology and the kinds of threats Reacher faces, but he’s still acting like he’s maybe in his early 40s. After 19 books, if you figure 6 months between each story, Reacher should be nearing 50 at least, or maybe over and he’s still fighting like he’s a young man. I want to

Word Nerd Recommendation: I’m glad to be caught up on Reacher. It’s been a fun series, and I’ll keep going. If you’re thinking of diving in, I’d still say go back to the beginning and read from there, but be prepared for the long haul. Nineteen books is quite the back list.


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