Book Banter: Splintered

23590768Title: Splintered
Author: Jamie Schultz
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 352 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From: An ARC from the Author
Plot Basics: Karyn Ames’ team is back. It’s been a few months and the crew is deep into Enoch Sobell’s bidding, with little idea of why or how to get out.

Banter Points: Sometimes a second books suffers from a sophomore slump. It’s the nature of the publishing business. Schultz’s didn’t. The stakes are high, the character development continues, the bad guys are REALLY bad.

Karen isn’t the focus in the book. She can’t be, as Adelaide has disappeared along with the supply of blind, the drug that keeps Karen’s visions at bay. Anna Ruiz, Karen’s long time friend and business partner, is keeping the crew together, while following up leads that she hopes will get her to a drug that will help Karen.

Nail is back as well, and the reader learns more about his family and background. The situation with Nail’s brother becomes apparent as well as how Nail is unlikely to break the cycle that keeps him part of the crew.

Schultz’s writing is strong. He is great at scene building, and conveying the intense feelings experienced by the characters. I felt Anna’s frustration, Nail’s angry and Karen’s discombobulation. Sobell’s oily evilness was there too. The technical skills used to convey the flaws of these characters as well as the circumstances that drives them is excellent.

Bummer Points: This book is dark. Sobell is no longer a character that interests me. It’s sad in a way, how evil he truly is in this book. In Premonition, I was interested in learning more about Sobell and his story. Bad guys can make the most interesting characters (ehem, Nicodemus in the Dresden files, for example.) Sobell…isn’t. He just wants to live longer, which is exactly what we found in the first book. I really thought that there would be more to the story, a reason for his desire to live so long, but it was not found in this book.

There also is a level of violence in this one that I don’t typically read. I know of others who go for that sort of thing, but not me. The gruesomeness in this one is similar to why I avoid books about zombies; I can’t unlearn something.

Stacie’s Recommendation: This is a 2 or 3 star book in my mind. By the end I was glad for it to be over. It has everything to do with my reading preferences, and little to do with the author’s execution (which was very good.)

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