Reading Stats: Quarter 2

Quarter 2 opened a new kind of reading for me.  I (Stacie) started several books this quarter and finished few.  That wasn’t the new part for me.  I didn’t finish all of the books and don’t intend to.  (Gulp)book-759873_1280

It feels really odd to say that but I finally have learned that skill as a reader.  Any compulsion to finish the bad ones is gone.  I read a bunch of non-fiction ones too; having got what I needed out of them, I don’t feel like finishing.  If I need to revisit the topic, I have notes as to where I finished.  I know I can pick it back up again.

That being said, I am faced with a quandary:  Do they count for page count and partial reads?  I could play with the numbers and use math to figure out how much of a book I read and therefore how to count it.  I’m a reasonably good number cruncher so I have the skills to add it to my tracker.  Is tracking at that level important?

Random Stats for the Quarter / Year to Date (minus the DNFs):

  • 17 / 38 Books
  • 5,623 / 13,294 pages
  • 71% were series based
  • 79% were based in an alternative world (fantasy, steampunk, urban fantasy, dystopian)
  • 4 of the 38 have been finished non-fiction (always a goal to increase in this category)
  • 6 books were re-reads
  • 15 new to me authors

I’m definitely a head of my rough goal of 1 book per week.  At my current pace, I’m likely to finish the year right around 100 books, which makes this a normal reading year for me.

Photo credit:  Pixabay



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