June Reading Challenge report card

The challenge for June was to pick a book that’s been turned into a movie or a TV show.

Really, when this month’s challenge was planned, I (bethany) was thinking this would give folks a chance to read Game of Thrones, or Harry Potter or Orange is the New Black or something of that sort.

swamp thing1Bethany: I may have created this challenge, but when it came to picking the actual book to read, I didn’t want to read anything that felt very mainstream. In talking to a friend about it, he suggested Alan Moore’s “Saga of the Swamp Thing” which was the basis (sort of, I think) for the 2005 Wes Craven movie. After having slogged through “Midnight’s Children” for book club, a shorter read was in order so I took the recommendation and checked out Volume 1. And I found myself really liking it. I like comics/graphic novels, but any story line that’s willing to dive into the “what it means to be human” question gets my attention. The only reason I gave it a 4-star instead of 5-stars on Goodreads was the perpetual damsel-in-distress-ness of Abby Cable.

Gaiman_StardustStacie: I read “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman. I’m new to his books and often am outed with exclamations of “No, tell me it’s not so!” After reading Stardust, I am a fan. I loved the adventure and the story telling. It reminded me of on of my favorite movies – The Princess Bride. Translation to big screen was easy too. The story had some great elements within the adventure including interesting characters and settings that made me actually consider getting the movie, a seldom occurring thought for me when the story switches mediums.


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