Book Banter: The Devil’s Game

devil's gameTitle: The Devil’s Game

Author: Sean Chercover

Genre: mystery/thriller

Length: 333 pages

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: review ARC from Thomas & Mercer

Plot Basics: Daniel Byrne’s life as a Vatican investigator debunking miracle claims is over. He’s becoming a field operative for a shadowy para-governmental organization. But Daniel’s work with them turns up a new strain of plague… plague that could give others the skills his uncle, con-man preacher Tim Trinity had, to predict the future without knowing. Daniel teams with Dr. Kara Singh, a disgraced doctor with visions, and his mercenary friend Pat Dahlquist, to try to bring the organization behind the bioweapon down. But with every step they make, it seems a pandemic is more and more likely.

Banter Points: Last November, at Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee when Sean announced this book was coming in June, I was very excited. I loved the first book in the series, The Trinity Game and The Devil’s Game propels that story forward in fun ways.

As an aspiring writer, one of the things I look for especially in series writing is how writers increase the stakes. So far, Chercover’s done this really well. “The Trinity Game” was mostly about one guy. “The Devil’s Game” pulls the curtain back to show the global players involved it sets up book three with even higher stakes.

Devil’s Game also creepy because it points out how weak our systems are. If this were real, it would probably be just as bad (if not worse) than Chercover imagines. That’s usually another thing that keeps me turning pages and it totally worked in Devil’s Game.

Bummer Points: There were three years between Trinity Game and Devil’s Game. I’m really hoping it’s not 2018 for the conclusion of this series!

Word Nerd Recommendation: These are perfect summer reads. Captivating, fun reads that have smart plots and tight writing to go with them.


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